Mechanical Roof Top Unit

Mechanical Systems

C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc.'s highly trained technicians are here to serve you! They are licensed, qualified and experienced professionals. They install, maintain and service all brands, types and sizes of heating & air conditioning equipment including chillers and boilers. Working directly with the building's staff, we can service equipment when it best fits into your operating schedule.

A vital ingredient to a long lasting mechanical system is preventive maintenance. C&H Mechanical and Plumbing offers preventive maintenance agreements for your business or building. Though tailored to your individual needs, our maintenance agreements always include:

  • Clean condenser coil
  • Monitor and adjust refrigerant pressure
  • Clean evaporated coil, if accessible
  • Clean condensate drains
  • Test starting capabilities
  • Apply protective coating to outside units
  • Oil fan motors where applicable
  • Adjust and clean blower components
  • Monitor voltage/amperage
  • Test for proper airflow
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Lubricate moving parts where applicable
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Measure heating/cooling transfer capability
  • Calibrate thermostats
  • Test and adjust safety controls
  • Perform safety inspection on heat exchanger
  • Monitor flue drafts
  • Monitor gas pressure and adjust gas valves as necessary
  • Clean and adjust burner/pilot assembly
  • Clean ignition assembly
  • Monitor fan and safety limit controls

No repairs or improvements will be made without customer authority.

Labor and material for such repairs, if needed, will be discounted 15% from our prevailing sales.

Emergency service calls will be charged at our prevailing rates less 15% discount on labor and material.

Replacement of air conditioning and/or heating units do not qualify for the 15% discount.

How Can Preventative Maintenance Help You?

  • Reduce repair costs through regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Equipment efficiency is maximized by clean units and filter changes.
  • Ultimately, the life of your equipment is lengthened.

Our technicians are polite, efficient and knowledgeable. If there is an emergency we guarantee a response in two hours or less. We have a commitment to you, the customer. Our solutions to your problems are quick and effective providing quality and economical service.

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