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C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. are the experts when it comes to commercial and residential mechanical and plumbing services. As contractors with over 3 decades of experience, you can feel confident in your decision when choosing us! Our scope of services ranges from mechanical and plumbing repairs and installations to full builds from the ground up. Take a moment to learn more about our range of services below. For more details, call us today at (706) 778-9715. We look forward to working with you!

Design/Build »


C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. has the capability to provide its clients with a complete mechanical system from start to finish. We provide quality and economical designs that fit your needs with timely installation, accurate testing & balancing, and commissioning. Our trained engineers and CAD design team can make your vision a reality. A design/build project by C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. can save you money!! With our engineers designing your mechanical system, we…

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Preconstruction »


C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. will immediately add value to the project team once brought on board. Our experienced preconstruction team can aid with conceptual design all the way through completion of final drawings. The historical data we have gathered over the years allows us to prepare detailed, accurate, line item HVAC estimates early in the design process. This allows our clients to have an affordable mechanical system that is guaranteed to be within budget.

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Construction »


The C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. team has experience with water and air side systems. We have focused on construction of educational, athletic, industrial, and healthcare facilities, civic projects, government and professional office buildings, retail centers, luxury condominiums and multi-family housing. Whether working from pre-engineered plans or those from our own design department, we ensure you have an accurately installed system.

Every phase of a project is…

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Automation & Controls »


As building systems become more sophisticated, new complexities and challenges emerge along with exceptional opportunities. Through our Automation & Control Solutions we want to be your partner for ground-breaking, integrated-services and solutions that empower facility managers by helping building occupants and owners realize unparalleled levels of comfort, cost savings and energy efficiency. Choose C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc.…

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Mechanical Systems »

Mechanical Systems

C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc.'s highly trained technicians are here to serve you! They are licensed, qualified and experienced professionals. They install, maintain and service all brands, types and sizes of heating & air conditioning equipment including chillers and boilers. Working directly with the building's staff, we can service equipment when it best fits into your operating schedule.

A vital ingredient to a long lasting mechanical system is preventive…

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Commissioning »


Buildings consume about 40% of the energy used in the U.S. annually. C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. is working hard to reduce energy use, one customer and one building at a time. Whether it’s during new construction or for an existing building, we can evaluate system operations and apply a variety of monitoring and metering strategies to ensure peak performance of your building systems.

As a standard of care, we perform the following:

  • Pre-functional equipment review…
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Retrofits »

Retrofit- Equipment Change Out

Systems break down, and sometimes, they can’t be repaired. C&H Mechanical and Plumbing, Inc. works with you to assess your environment and recommends the best equipment and systems to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Our responsible, devoted support teams respond quickly to minimize downtime and get your systems up and running. Equipment is replace, with more efficient alternatives, to optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs. Our service…

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